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Handylore is a public knowledge distribution website that allows users to submit their own articles. Our service is simple - deliver helpful information to the public, by the public, for free. Handylore is about helpful information. General knowledge regarding health, nutrition, gardening, the culinary arts, history, archaeology, math and technology, and social issues are just some of the topics you will find on Handylore.

The truth is very important to us because, logically without it you have nothing. Handylore is not above the truth and never will be. Our editors will graciously critique and update corrections to our content as best as we can. We understand that giving misleading facts or portraying a true story in a biased fashion is wrong, and never a good thing. Not fixing the mistakes you've made and failing to admit when you've posted bogus information is even worse.

News and information should be unfiltered and publicized for the viewers and readers to decide what is right and wrong, not major corporations with biased viewpoints and inconclusive information. Simply the truth should remain intact. That is the focal point we want our readers, and members to have when visiting Handylore. We understand how mainstream media misinforms it's readers by putting a political spin on the situation, twisting the facts and distorting the truth. That is why we get information from people just like you. Anyone can simply submit an article to Handylore. We believe this is a key goal to have in a knowledge distribution website. Without public access you essentially have a biased, opinionated source which can develop a bad reputation with our members and with the public, our potential members. Getting news from private corporations is a thing of the past! That is why Handylore was created. We want to to give the public a chance to report what they think is important, not the other way around.


Handylore was created to educate and pass along information to our users safely. Our main goal has been, and always will be, to communicate and exchange content freely. We hope that everyone may benefit from the knowledge provided on Handylore.


Our information essentially comes from people just like you who decide what content to share and pass along. We wanted to create a media outlet not just on information we think is useful, but what everyone thinks is useful.


Easily share articles using your favorite social media connection with the click of a button. You can also integrate different social media into your Handylore account. Login or register with Handylore via Facebook and Twitter.

User Friendly

Our seamless layout and uniform design makes it easy to understand what content you are viewing. Creating and editing your own articles is easy. Navigate to your desired location in a snap.

We believe knowledge should be reported by the public. Granted there are exceptions like sensitive data, military strategies, harmful or dangerous information, etc, that does not and should not be in the hands of everyday people. We believe that kind of information should remain intact and not be publicized or distributed. Handylore does not condone the leaking or distribution of that kind of knowledge.

While anyone can view our collection of archived information publicly, it takes a registered member of Handylore to create an article for the site. That is why we want our members and users to feel 100% comfortable in what they are posting through Handylore. We appreciate any feedback or criticism regarding our services and improvements or ideas you would like to see.

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