Debunking The Abydos Helicopter Hieroglyphics

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debunking-hieroglyphics-at-the-temple-of-seti-1-glyph.jpgThe retouched and eroded hieroglyphs in the Temple of Seti IThe temple of Seti I is considered one of the major archaeological sites in Egypt. Built a mile south of the long series of temples in the city of Abydos, which is one of the oldest cities of ancient Egypt. It is located about 6.8 miles west of the Nile.(1)(2)

The temple was a memorial temple to the pharaoh Seti I, in honor of the ancestral pharaohs from the nineteenth dynasty known to the modern world as the Abydos King List. Which is a chronological list showing cartouches of most dynastic pharaohs of Egypt from Menes until Seti I's father, Ramesses I.(3) This was finished by the son of Seti I, Ramesses II, who also built a lesser temple of his own.(4) There are some very strange hieroglyphics in this Temple. According to many UFO enthusiasts, these glyphs depict some form of a flying saucer, a helicopter, a submarine, a jet plane, and other highly developed crafts. Dubbed famous by Archaeologists and Egyptologists as the "Abydos helicopter".(5)(6) These hieroglyphs are actually a result of re-carving the stone to replace some of the original hieroglyphics.(7)

The initial carving was made during the reign of Seti I, and the stone was later reused during the period of Ramesses II with one carving being on top of the other. This palimpsest effect coupled with erosion creates the carving in situ. Erosion of the stone surface is evident elsewhere in the temple.(5) Some of the filling has fallen out in places where the older and the newer inscriptions overlap, which produces unique and odd-looking hieroglyphs.

When separated the text of Ramesses II and can be translated as "The one of the Two Ladies, who suppresses the nine foreign countries."(7)(8) and overlaps and replaces the inscription of Seti I that was said to be originally carved into the stone. There is no technology here.

If the ancient Egyptians had vehicles such as helicopters, submarines, and jet airplanes, one would expect to find some evidence of this other than in a single inscription on the lintel of a single temple. The Egyptian literature has no other mention, of advanced aircraft and the lack of any other surviving examples of the "Abydos Helicopter" is not mentioned in any other inscription in any other Egyptian monument.


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