Below you will find all of Handylore's pages listed by order of importance. Every page except individual categories, articles, profile pages, will be listed here. If you are looking for a specific (dynamic) page check the parent-level directory for a listing of all of the content within that area of the site.


The Home Page. Also the default document of Handylore. Among other things, the home page is where to find recent articles that have been added. Users are re-directed to this page by default upon logging in and out. The home page provides a way for users to 'return' to the the main focal point of the site. IF you were ever confused on a page. The Home page is where you would ideally want to be directed to.


The Categories Page contains all of the categories on Handylore. The /c/ which is the designated parent directory of the categories listing. Users will be re-directed to this page if no category is provided after the trailing backslash in the URL.


The Articles Page is where to find all of Handylore's articles. The /a/ is the designated parent directory which will take users to this page if no article is provided in the URL after the trailing backslash.


The Members Page is where you will find all of handylore's users profile pages. Each user is displayed after the trailing backslash in the /p/ directory, which is the designated parent directory for members or profiles and will re-direct to this page if no input is given.


The Register Page allows for new memberships to be applied for. New users come to this page to sign-up for our services.


The Login Page will allow users to log-in to an existing account. The login page is the only page for logging in, no other inputs for user logins are on any other page(s).


The Submit Page is where users can submit their own articles to Handylore. This is a members only page so by default the main objective of the page will remain hidden from non-members.


The Guidelines Page contains everything about how to make an article. General rules and useful tips to follow before submitting your article. How to properly cite sources, markup examples, and more information about the guidelines to making a successful article can be found on this page.


The About Page is a general description or outlook of Handylore. We take pride in what we are offering, truthful information that is helpful. Everything about Handylore can be found here.


The Testimonials Page contains feedback of users that have given testiomony to their own personal experience(s) on Handylore. This page is not restricted to registered users, even a first time visitor could write a potential review.

Smiley Commands

The Smiley Commands Page contains a list of all the smiley commands you can input on article comments and profile pages. These pages are the only pages the smiley commands will work.

Privacy Policy

The Privacy Policy Page contains all the steps and implementations Handylore goes to protect our users privacy.

Terms of Service

The Terms of Service contains a list of all the terms Handylore employees and enforces to legally enforce and insure our rights, and our users are kept and upheld to the extent of the law.