Dr. Bob Beck and U.S Patent 5,188,738

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us-patent-5188738-and-dr-bob-beck-blood-purifier.jpgBlood PurifierA gentleman by the name of Dr. Bob Beck has built a device based on the patents to perform as follows: The Dr. Bob Beck designed blood electrifier is a relatively simple mutivibrator circuit that produces an AC (alternating current) square wave output at 3.92 Hz (which is 1/2 of the Shumann frequency of 7.8 Hz, but Beck said that any frequency between 0.67 - 4 Hz will work). The variable amplitude of the voltage applied and the choice of electrode materials allow for a small current in the 50-100 microampere range to flow in both the Ulnar and Radial arteries located on underside of the wrists. Mr. Beck promoted and stood behind SOTA instruments.(1) A health breakthrough. The U.S Patent(2) filed on February 25, 1993 reads as follows:

"A new alternating current process and system for treatment of blood and/or other body fluids and/or synthetic fluids from a donor to a recipient or storage receptacle or in a recycling system using novel electrically conductive treatment vessels for treating blood and/or other body fluids and/or synthetic fluids with electric field forces of appropriate electric field strength to provide electric current flow through the blood or other body fluids at a magnitude that is biologically compatible but is sufficient to render the bacteria, virus, parasites and/or fungus ineffective to infect or affect normally healthy cells while maintaining the biological usefulness of the blood or other fluids. For this purpose low voltage alternating current electric potentials are applied to the treatment vessel which are of the order of from about 0.2 to 12 volts and produce current flow densities in the blood or other fluids of from one microampere per square millimeter of electrode area exposed to the fluid being treated to about two milliamperes per square millimeter."

us-patent-5188738-and-dr-bob-1960s.jpgDr. Bob Beck Dr. Robert C. Beck, was a physicist, holding a Ph.D. in physics from the University of Southern California who at age 77, died at 11:40 PM, June 23 2002 as a result of a fall that resulted in a head injury, later resulting in cardiac arrest. He also was previously a Professor at the University of California. He began his professional life as a photo-journalist and owned a photography studio in Hollywood. He was a researcher and inventor who liked to improve upon other people's inventions. His version of the Brain Tuner has been used successfully to alleviate insomnia, depression, anxiety and addictions. He is also the inventor of the strobe flash light. He has been nominated by a Mexican hospital for the Nobel Prize for his research in developing an Aids cure. He believed that he would not receive the prize, which he did not, because he was not a "team player" in the organized health field.

Leading Edge Newspaper publishers Kenneth and Dee Burke interviewed Bob Beck at the Global Sciences Congress in Denver, Colorado, where cutting-edge, innovative information continues to be presented year after year.(3)


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