Smiley Commands

Below is a list of smiley commands that can be used to trigger certian smiley commands or 'emoticons' when posting comments.

Smile Frown
:-) :) :] =) :-( :( :[ =(
Grin Taunt
:-D :D ;D =D :-P :P ;P =P
Wink Cool
;-) ;) 8-) 8) B-) B)
Love Confused
<3 o.O O.O O.o
Angel Devil
:angel: :devil:
Funny Sad
:funny: :sad:
Speechless Clueless
:speechless: :clueless:
Eyeroll Grr
:eyeroll: :grr:
Love Hate
:love: :hate:
Taunt Hail
:taunt: :hail:
Clap Headbang
:clap: :headbang:
Shocked Stunned
:shocked: :stunned:
Music Sleeping
:music: :sleeping: